Creating a Google AdWords account



- Click on Try AdWords Now.

- Select the Standar Edition radio button and click Continue.

- Select the radio button for "I have an email address" and enter your Google account name and password.

- Select the currency type you'd like to use within the account. Once the currency has been set it cannot be changed. Click continue.

- Click on Sign into your AdWords account.

- Click on Create your first campaign.

- Click on the Change Locations link and select target languages and locations on the Bundles tab.

- Enter some ad text. We advise creating a dummy ad. However, ensure that the referring URL is a real one.

- Enter dummy text for keywords.

- On the next screen, enter a daily budget and a maximum cost per click (CPC) for your ad campaign.

- Review the information and either choose to enter billing information or defer until later.

- Don't be too surprised that your campaign starts running right away. Just click Pause campaign.

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