Download Top Plugins WordPress 12MB


What you learn from this book:
  • Install, manage and edit plugins automatically and manually, for both Mac and PC
  • Create new blog posts RSS feed and extract contents of any external web site
  • Create photo galleries rich and engaging
  • Embed video from YouTube, Google, Vimeo, and more
  • Embed Google Maps with custom markers
  • Make your mobile blog by sending notifications to users' mobile phones, allowing users to choose their topic, the inclusion of dynamic content in posts and pages, and so on
  • Learn the basics of an online community starting with the BuddyPress plugin
  • Take advantage of other social networks to generate traffic
  • Generate income by collecting donations with PayPal, including related Amazon products on a pole, in collaboration with Google AdSense, selling digital products with their own shopping cart, billing customers, and selling space advertising on your site.
  • Promote your authors to track the performance of an author, and share Google Adsense with their authors
  • Protect your website from common hacking practices by eliminating comment spam, and also by creating backup copies of your database and entire blog
  • Make your WordPress admin beautiful and useful by tracking visitors activities, access to links to your administrator interface of your blogs, adding powerful features similar to the CMS, and so on
  • Customize the look of your blog by using custom plugins

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